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Jay Singletary

A former Marine turned hack reporter/paparazzo.

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Fauna Hodel (aka "Pat")

A naïve young girl growing up outside of Reno, Nevada, who embarks on a desperate quest to discover who she is—a quest that throws her identity into crisis.

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George Hodel

A former child prodigy, now a brilliant doctor who entertained and inspired a Hollywood salon of the avant-garde in the 40’s—until a scandal broke and sent his famous friends scurrying.


Peter Sullivan

A night managing editor for the Los Angeles Times.

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A freelancing LAPD sergeant and problem-solver for the brass whose fear has turned to hate. He finds himself caught in the vise of corruption and the interests he has to protect.


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A struggling artist, Sepp is twisted beyond recognition by guilt, tragedy, and manipulation. 

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Jimmy Lee

Fauna’s mother, a former lounge singer, still consumed by bitterness from the injustice of Jim Crow Mississippi and a life of missed opportunities and squandered chances.

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Terrence Shye

A gifted young man stuck between studying to be a marine engineer and the streets of Watts.

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An LAPD detective and a Korean War vet who owes his life to Jay Singletary; he and Jay share the alienation of warriors who’ve come home.

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Corinna Hodel

A fading socialite beauty with a cigarette in a long black holder; an alcoholic who’s seen her family shattered, her fortunes tossed to the winds… Corinna finds herself a keeper of secrets, but none more fearsome than those she keeps from herself.